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Join our exclusive motorsport community and enjoy special privileges – completely free of charge!

  • Free access to all legend vehicles, 3D videos, images and team stories
  • Free 3D Vehicle – Live the Legend
  • Exclusive team items, unique digital collectibles
  • Early access to new products and tickets
  • Discounts in the Paddock Legends Shop and at events

What is the Hall of Fame Digital?

The Hall of Fame unites fans from all over the world with their teams and the most legendary vehicles. This brings you closer to the action. Learn more about our mission and how we provide unique experiences for motorsports enthusiasts.

As a Hall of Fame supporter, you enjoy access to special motorsports merchandise that remains unavailable to the general public!

Early Access
Get early access to the latest products and tickets – experience what’s new before it’s available to everyone else!

As a supporter of the Hall of Fame, enjoy discounts in the shop and at events – secure special treatment and unique experiences at special conditions.

Digital Collectibles – limited legends in 3D

  • Make legendary motorsport yours – with digital collectibles.
  • Come into possession of limited, truly original, legendary team vehicles from the 24-hour race!
  • Act in new ways and in 3D with vehicles, team insignia and racing backgrounds.
  • Support the Hall of Fame as a member. Make the teams and vehicles immortal on your smartphone/PC.

Frequently asked Questions

Do you have any questions? Here you will find answers to frequently asked questions about the Hall of Fame, the registration process and the benefits.

What is the Hall of Fame Club?

Special insights and activities for motorsport enthusiasts follow in the footsteps of the legendary teams and vehicles that the Hall of Fame is passionate about. From the Close-up perspective of vehicles, workshops and pit boxes from which we get to know the legends. In addition to the visual highlights, there are also interactions between events, teams and fans, which we bring to the start wherever possible.
We will be competing in the boulevard for the 24-hour race, as a contact point and base for action for you. Further events are planned.
The Hall of Fame will provide the great ADAC 24h Nürburgring motorsport event with new team vehicle highlights all year round and the community will have access to them.
This also includes exclusive access to special 24-hour merchandise items, early access to new products and tickets, as well as discounts in the shop.

In the Hall of Fame Club you get even more than exclusive, finest 24-hour motorsport.

How can I participate in the Hall of Fame Club?

You can participate by completing the simple registration on our website and confirming it using the secure double opt-in procedure.

Are there any costs associated with membership in the Hall of Fame Club?

The Hall of Fame Club is free

How long does it take for everything to activate?

After confirming your registration via the double opt-in process, your membership will be activated immediately. You will then receive access to all of the club’s exclusive benefits. However, the offer is still in “practical mode” until the 24-hour race (2024). We’re working hard to get everything on the road at full power and in the meantime you can see everything that’s being built there.

Do I receive discounts as a Hall of Fame Club member?

As a member of the club, you benefit from special discounts if we can negotiate this and discounts on selected exclusive items in our shop, as well as at certain events.

Are there special conditions for participation in the Hall of Fame Club?

The only conditions are registration and confirmation of registration using the double opt-in procedure. Otherwise, all motorsport fans are welcome.

Who can help me if I have questions about using my member benefits?

If you have any questions or are unclear, you can contact our service at any time. We will be happy to help you and ensure that you can take full advantage of all the benefits of your membership.